Tour De Eiffel

Poetic Notes

In my English classes, electronics were not allowed; our notes, if we took any, had to be hand written. I often wrote quickly, writing words and phrases, hoping I would connect the dots as I reread them. Looking back, I found a page I thought was a poem I had written, but looking closer, I think they are class notes. But here, let’s treat it as a poem:

Praise the individual who defies authority
and dies an unconventional hero.
Won’t kiss the flag
moral defeat, not combat
ends with benediction.
pun, paradox, inverted clichés.
Grammar turning
typographical experiment
“immediately effect.”
Avoid capitalization, “i” ashamed.
Words broken
draw attention
remove space.
Indicate mood
increase speed.
control how the reader reads (prisoner!)
Combine tradition and experiment
Syntax, ellipses, rhythm and rhyme.


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