1. There’s No Forecast For Life

Class of 2015: 1 of 15 things I’ve learned while being in college

1. There’s no forecast for life

I’ve had a lot of really good days, and a lot of bad days. I guess I’ve learned one day I might feel like the weather: snowing, but the next day, or even the next minute, I might feel sunny and 75 degrees, hell sometimes it sun-beams and rains at the same time.  Some days I might love the rain, and hate it others. Some days I want the sun, and others I want shade — Sometimes I get what I want, and sometimes I don’t. Some days are good, and some are not, but at least I have them. At least I get to spend them with good people, in cool places, learning new things. I might not always love school, but at least I get to be here.

I can’t stop the snowy, windy, rainy days, the same way I can’t stop the sunny ones either. You just have to take your days as they come, the good and the bad, but a bad day doesn’t mean a bad life. There’s no “life-forecast” that’s going to tell me what’s going to happen and if I’ll feel cloudy or blue-skied; things happens — some I see coming, and other’s I don’tsome things I control, but many I don’t; take the rain, or the sun, without letting it destroy your roots.


One thought on “1. There’s No Forecast For Life

  1. I agree with this, definitely a lesson you learn in college. Even when the snow is hitting you in the face as you walk to class you can do nothing, unless you live in Florida then yay you!

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