Late-night Date

Majority of the day is filled with noise.

Like the busy, attention-seeking, noise, our thoughts are loud.

It’s a shame the day is so loud, because as the sun grows low and sinks into silence, our thoughts become the clear night sky.

It’s  shame that our tired bodies counter our nightly thoughts. As the night rolls in, our being splits into two; our body, and mind- and they fight.

Our bodies scream stop, rest, sleep. But our mind whispers, create, evolve, unleash.

In the quiet hours of the night, the words bleed on to paper cut pages; instead of bandaging it by daylights request, we let it drip, just to see what comes out.

I prefer to defy the myth “Nothing good happens after midnight”- I thrive on the haunting hours of the night. It produces the kind of writing that when you see its results, you leech to it.


One thought on “Late-night Date

  1. Nice thought – and beautiful pic :-) I agree. When I get pass 11pm everrything seem to lighten up! Too bad we are terrorized by the 8am-5pm structure. Unfortunately tomorrow someone believe I have to be in a meeting from 9am ..

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