Maybe, if.

As a child, I remember wandering the grocery store with my Mom.

My question may have been the innocence of childhood, or the knowledge of a thousand men, but as I examined the ripening banana, “Why isn’t food, just… free?”

Understanding the answer to my question was far too complex, she told me “That’s just the way it is.”

I didn’t understand. To this day, I’ve learned the textbook answer to my naive question -but I’ve never learned the philosophical answer, the one I’ve been searching for so long.

I find myself sitting in my squeaky office chair, staring into the abyss, day dreaming of all the things I wish I could be, and wish I could do.

Like your average young adult, I’m heavily influenced by a society that demands I spend copious amounts of money I don’t have to get an ‘honorable’ degree that will get me a job that barely keeps me floating in the middle class -if I’m lucky.

They chain me to a desk, and tell me to “Make a living”. What the hell does that mean? Waste away my youthful years to assure I become a struggling adult, bitter about the taxes I pay, and the hard work that will never be noticed, just to get by?

If “making a living” translated literally, we’d all be spending a lot less time struggling to stay alive, and spend more time living.

Maybe if we were all permitted to simply do the things we loved, our world would stop fighting over oil, property, and power, and share the beauty of the world.

Maybe if we stopped classifying worth by wealth, those who populate areas of poverty could transform into regions of passion. Just, maybe.

Maybe if we didn’t have to shackle ourselves to a country chained to debt we didn’t agree with, we could come and go, doing our best for the duration of time we were there.

Maybe if we opened our eyes, we could open our boarders to the opportunists desperate for a chance to prove to their own children, they can put a roof over their heads.

Maybe if we stopped closing our minds, we could start closing down the bullies, worries, and woe- just maybe.

Maybe if we spread a blanket of equality across the world, and eliminated excess and deficiency from the dictionary, we could live a bit more contented.

Maybe if money wasn’t an object, and the world came to an understanding to live within your means, we could forget about material status and recognize our personal apparatus.

Maybe if we could send this message to the world, maybe it would make a difference.


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