Autumn Souls

Over the years I’ve come to realize our souls are comparable to seasons.

There are souls of winter, souls of spring, summer souls, and autumn souls.

It may be abstract, and it may be a strech -but I think we inhabit spirit seasons.

I’m not exactly what each seasons entails for your soul, but I am confident I’m an autumn soul.

Spring and Autumn are short, seasons of change.

I am in constant, dire, need of change. I’m not one for long months of heat or cold.

I’ve always wished the autumn colors would perpetuate, last longer. But perhaps the very reason I wish it would stay, is the exact reason why I prefer it.

The colors refuse to stay and daylight slowly escapes our sight at an early hour without realizing it, like a guest who prefers the comfort of his home than the chaos of the party. The leaves don’t fight the wind but rather drift with it. The air isn’t muggy and humid, but crisp and clears our lungs in the early hours of the night.

I, am an Autumn soul. I prefer the crisp hours of the night, where I have the choice to wear a jacket, or let the breeze take liberty against my spine.

I prefer to sink into the night without recognition and question. I prefer the sights and sounds and stories each leaf on the ground has to tell about it’s tree master.

Autumn souls are not quite like the winter souls, timid like the spring, nor loud like the summer souls, but a combination of them all.

Each season has their own perception of the other; there is no right, nor wrong analysis of the soul. There is simply a thousand dots, and a million ways to connect them.

Connect your soul to the dots, indulge in a season.


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