A Gas Can Full of Hope

So, long story short the last few weeks have been a little tough.

I’ve always been a very grateful and optimistic person, but for some reason I’ve recently lost sight of that side of myself.

The last few days I’ve been able to get myself back on track, but God wasn’t done working yet.

I have a very bad characteristic, I run out of gas almost every time I fill tank. I’m not proud of it, but hey, push it to the limits right?

Well today, I was off heading to get Cheesecake and wine with an old friend. My gas light was on the whole way there, but I just didn’t feel like stopping.

On the way home, I kept telling myself, “Ok, next gas station!” but naturally, I kept going.

I was about to run out of gas, and pulled into the grocery store gas station a street down from my house.

As I was filling, I overheard a couple at the counter asking the clerk if these were the only gas cans they had- and why they were so expensive. They walked back to their car and looked pretty down. The parents were just standing outside of the car, and the wife gave her husband a kiss, and they got back in the car and just sat there.

The whole time I was observing the situation, but wasn’t fully understanding what was going on other than that they needed a gas can.

Since I have a terrible habit of running out of gas, I have a few gas cans laying around my house. I had a gut feeling to ask them if they needed help, and to offer to run home and get my gas can because I lived so close.

I didn’t want to seem creepy… so despite my gut feeling, I drove off.

The second I pulled out of the store I was overwhelmed with a feeling to go back. So I told myself, “Go get the gas can, and if they are still there- give it to them”. So that’s what I did. Luckily, when I returned, the family was still sitting in their car.

I walked up to their window and said, “Were you guys needing a gas can?”, naturally they replied what a somewhat annoyed and desperate, “Ya…”. I told them I overheard and ran home and grabbed one because I had an extra at home.

The surprised look on their face, one I’ll remember forever.

“You went and got us a gas can?!!” -Yes, I did. “I run out all the time. So I know how it is.” I kept it short and sweet, told them to keep it and good luck. The feeling I got when I saw the hope on their faces- it was indescribable.

For some reason, one of my worst habits ended up working out in someone’s favor. I don’t really know what their situation was, but I know they couldn’t afford a gas can, and for some reason, I was lucky enough to be the person to help.

I’ve had so many strangers come to my rescue in my life, thanking God for that person. I’ve never thought I would get to be that person, and tonight, I was given the opportunity to.

I’ll never see those people again, and I’m one gas can short- but what I’ve gained through something so simple, may have changed me for a lifetime.

It’s something as simple as filling a gas can with a little bit of hope.


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