Exile On Main Street

I’ve come to the realization people just don’t appreciate good music anymore.

Someone take me back to the 70’s.

I want music that inspires me to pick up a guitar and strum the night away.

I want music that forces the windows down, and the sunshine in.

I miss the music that talked about making love, not fucking a big booty hoe and getting head.

I want to hear, “I woke up this morning and got myself a beer”, not “Wake up, drank. Sit down, drank.”

I want music that screams psychedelics, not cough syrup.

I want guitar, drums, and harmonica solos, not ‘whomp whomping’.

When I’m my parents age, I pray to God the oldies stations aren’t playing Ke$ha and Bruno Mars.

I want the Rolling Stones on repeat, I want Exile On Main Street.



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