Unlock Happiness

I spend most my days in front of a computer typing away, making a living.

I spend the few days I have off outside, living.

I found myself sitting in my cushioned office chair thinking, “What is the source of my happiness?”

That answer has become more and more apparent to me lately.

My happiness doesn’t come from making a living, but rather, simply living.

About three weeks ago I got contacts, my vision is 4x worse than it was two years ago.

I can honestly attribute that to the endless hours I spend staring at computer.

I don’t want to sacrifice my eyes to make money; I want to save my eyes to sit among the trees and watch the sun transition from rise to set.

I don’t want to swirl back in fourth taking orders in my office chair; I want to pack my bags and let the order of the universe lead me where it may.

I don’t want to spend money on outfit after outfit to impress someone in a pencil skirt, or tie. I want to have one sweat shirt, one pair of shoes, and a one way ticket to anywhere but here.



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