Storm Before the Calm

Life is made up of a series of trials, of obstacles, of storms. Things that delay us, things that deplete us, things down pour.

Before a storm hits, people say there is a ‘calm before the storm’. An unusual sense of ease and silence; but I disagree. I don’t think such a thing exists.

I believe there is a storm before the calm; a span of time which the world is covered in darkness- but it passes.

The sun, the lantern to the world, is the first layer; the foundation, the base of our souls.

The storm moves in to test the strength of the sun, and to the storm’s dismay, he is defeated and light is restored.

Each day we are faced with our own personal storms; have faith to rise above and shine through; disallow the thunderous deception of society, community, and menace. Be the caster of light in a world that rains manipulation; refuse defeat, refuse to be controlled, refuse to be consumed by darkness,


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